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Linear-locking Equipment Pads

Installing heavy equipment just got easier. EQUIPMENTGUARD-L creates a lightweight base pad through easy-to-install linear-locking pieces that form a stable and durable platform.  The equipment base pad can be used for any size or type of equipment such as generators, pumps, HVAC, cooling towers, tanks, vessels and more. The unique linear interlocking design lets you customize pads to any length, while its light weight allows easy setup in even the tightest location. EQUIPMENTGUARD pads are engineered to provide maximum compressive strength and stability, making them ideal for temporary or permanent installations. The proprietary polyurea surface coating has been proven to provide decades of maintenance-free, weatherproof performance.


  • Assembles quickly and easily with linear locking pieces
  • Unlike concrete or gravel pads, EQUIPMENTGUARD-L base pads can be installed in less than 5 minutes and require no advance construction time
  • Patent-pending design is engineered to support heavy equipment
  • Proprietary modified polyurea surface coating resists harsh UV and chemical exposure
  • Withstands temperature extremes from -40º  F to 165º  F
  • Easily cleaned and re-used
  • Perfect for generators or other heavy equipment, pumping stations, tanks and vessels, manufacturing, agricultural, and more

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